*editor’s note: wifi has lagged in the last 30 minutes so I apologize for the delay of the updates.*


We’re back. I am in the Grand Ballroom and will be live tweeting the Patient-Centric Design Track which is comprised of the following:

People Are the Product – Matthew Diamanti (10:20 est)

  • Right now patient and product are very blurred concepts
  • Data profiles are the extension of someone’s identity.
  • Who am I? The concept is further complicated online
  • Data or reason cannot understand the condition of love
  • Empathy is hardwired into us and can be a fantastic motivator.
  • Healthcare needs a better concept of the human element.
  • You can be a patient’s friend without it impeding the care you give
  • My community affects my health
  • Patients want a relationship – human to human, NOT human to machine (taps into emotional needs)

Lessons Learned: Building a Patient Focused Health Application & Community – Marston Alfred ( 10:55 est)

  • SugarStats – Google analytics for diabetes
  • Creating a sharing network for users
  • Designing about the primary – diabetes, but also keeping the secondary in mind as well.
  • It is key to partner with those who excel at your secondary
  • Designing for the semi-technical. Calling them non-technical is not really a fair assessment.
  • Video tutorials are a key way of easing adoption
  • www.tungling.com
Campaigning for Patients on the Inside: Tips and Techniques for Experience Designers Bridging the Divide – Vincent Matyi (11:25 est)
  • Retrospectives, project wrap ups are keys to defining success.
  • This leads to continuous improvement.
  • Clarify jargon leads to better search results.
  • Sometimes design research studies don’t have to be pretty.
  • Patients Education sessions – I want in on one of those!
  • knowledge from one deliverable feeds another.

Personal Healthcare Strategies: Good for What Ails You – Jerilyn Maclaren-Hall (11:55 est)

  • Patients are navigating a lot of people and disciplines.
  • Who am I emotionally connected to that I want to connect with.
  • Creating such a complicated communication channel destroys the patient/medical experience.
  • What is a patient’s support network.
  • Medical communication is covered in jargon.
  • It may not seem that way, but it pays doctors to keep you healthy, because the less sick you are the cheaper you are to them.
  • Healthcare strategists – point person for all your healthcare needs. Like a wedding planner for health 🙂
  • Healthcare strategists creates a governance workflow. YAY!
  • Patient owned vs Patient centered. Which term implies governance?

Time for lunchy!