Moving into the second day of HxR we’re seeing a clear trend toward not only mindful designing of the cognitive load of patients and associated audiences, but also how we need to design for the user. This reminded me of a project where we designing a content experience for an operating room and needed to provide mission critical content to nurses and surgeons. Everyday we see examples of how content is getting in the way of user experiences, but the issues is massively amplified in the life or death situation of an OR.

In one of the break sessions of HxD Dr. Wilma Chan spoke of her experience with the complex interfaces of some of the medical equipment she users as an emergency room doctor. We often design for the patient, but Dr. Chan challenged us to be mindful of doctors who often work long hours in a physically and mentally challenging environment. She also noted that some of the most effective medical designs are not overly technical such as measuring systems to quickly determine the heigh, weight, and medication dosage for children.

If HxR 2015 has taught us anything, it is the problems we are trying to solve for are complex, but with long term benefits.