I’m the one in the meeting that always says, “but what about the content?”

I am a content strategist and writer. More importantly, I help businesses create and maintain sustainable content, optimize editorial workflow, and implement strategic content efficiencies. I advocate content stewardship by raising corporate awareness for the value and savings of sane content practices.

I do this with a cup of a coffee and a smile because I love helping others simplify their content process. Too often content is viewed as an expense. I see content as an asset and I work with companies to make the most of their written intellectual property.

I have dedicated over 15 years to creating strategies for simplified and relevant content initiatives. In the past, I’ve worked as the Global Documentation Manager at Bottomline Technologies, focusing on the governance of inherited and acquired enterprise content.  I enjoy taking content from 25 different companies and making them sound as one. I have also written and managed content for IDX Systems (Currently GE Healthcare), as well as amazing companies and agencies throughout the world.

When not evangelizing content strategy principles on stage, Twitter, or on a street corner near you, I can be found currently solving content conundrums for organizations such as Cisco, Dell, and NASDAQ.

I live and work in a little white house on the New England seacoast that I share with my smart/hilarious wife and our two young daughters.