Moving into the second day of HxR we’re seeing a clear trend toward not only mindful designing of the cognitive load of patients and associated audiences, but also how we need to design for the user. This reminded me of a project where we designing a content experience for an operating room and needed to […]

A Designer’s Oath

A key approach that surfaced during day 1 of HxR2015 is the effort of Mad*Pow designers to integrate a designer’s oath into the work that they do. This effort is both welcome and a necessary challenge to demonstrate accountability in the work that we do especially in the heath care space where the interactions we […]

HxD 2015 Day 1 Summary

After a half day of keynotes and break out sessions it’s clear that the role of design within the healthcare experiences our audiences experience everyday is more important than ever. Mad*Pow is making tremendous strides in making us as designers more accountable and is actively working on a healthcare designer’s oath – a welcome opportunity […]

Confab Central May 20-22

I’m delighted to be speaking at Confab Central. Come join me and a bevy amazingly smart passionate folks to discuss content, cake, and everything in between. If you do anything related to content this is the premier event of the year. If you have not been, Minneapolis is an amazing city and the fine folks […]

Intranet Odyssey

Recently, I participated in a guest blog writing exercise. I anonymously wrote an entry and in turn received the following post. All guest posts are listed here.  Recently, while deep in the midst of a sprawling intranet inventory, I found that reading and listening to poetry was a respite from the audit’s intense meticulosity. Next […]

Don’t Apologize for Your Deliverables

Nick Offerman is an actor. Among other endeavors, he is currently cast as Ron Swanson in NBC’s Parks and Recreation (which just got bumped for three episodes). Mr. Offerman gets paid to pretend to be someone else. You could argue there is no tangible thing he creates. Comedy, like so many of the online experiences has no […]

An Update

It’s been ages. Therein lies the issue of carrying out the content strategies, rather than writing about them. However, here’s a quick update. on some upcoming events that may interest you: I will be speaking at the Digital Content Strategies Conference March 13th in sunny San Diego. I am joined by Margot Bloomstein, Christopher Avore, […]