IDEA 2010 – Conclusion

The great thing about live blogging a conference is the insane amount of information received, retained and interpreted. That bad thing? You run out of steam. Apologies to the final two sessions that I didn’t record. In conclusion, I found IDEA 2010 to be a tremendous success bringing together some of the most amazing minds […]

IDEA 2010 Day 2, Morning

Hello. We’re back for day #2 in sunny Philadelphia for IDEA 2010. Jared Spool and Reed are up on stage playing some sweet ass zippy music that makes it exceptionally easy to type. They will be presenting shortly. Jared just kicked me out of my seat.  Eschewing sobbing for another cup of coffee. Alright, everyone […]

IDEA 2010, Day 1 Afternoon Sessions

And we are back from our glorious lunch break. I had something I couldn’t pronounce and it was lovely. Settling in for (How Is This All) Going To Work? What we teach, how we learn and what employers want. Alright, looks like we have a panel of speakers here and they are Dan Klyn, Liz […]

Idea 2010 Integration: Designing for Tomorrow, Day 1

Morning! Today is the first…day…ahem…sorry, still fuzzy from @Madpow’s killer party last night at National Mechanics. We are ready to kick off IDEA2010! I will do my best to live blog through the sessions, there will be part observations, part candor, part humor and as much knowledge as I can absorb and type. I will […]

What's Under Your Hood?

The other day I partook in a great American pastime. Playing baseball? Eating apple pie? Going to WalMart? Fuck no. I went car shopping. Car dealerships have come a long way since the dank, dimly lit showrooms of years past. Today, you can walk into a an area that looks more like a museum bistro […]

Content Strategy New England Meetup 5.24.10

Last night Content Strategy New England was lucky enough to have Kristina Halvorson of Brain Traffic come in for a great discussion on the ins and outs of content strategy. Huge thanks to Rick Allen and Mad*Pow for cosponsoring the event. Below are my observations and take-aways: Close your eyes and envision you are Kristina […]